Charlotte Area Highway System

Major Highway Systems of Charlotte

Many roads run through the city of Charlotte, North Carolina as well as its metropolitan area, and in this document, we shall be discussing about some of those roads, and why you should take some roads in higher regard compared to other roads. There are multiple types of road crisscrossing the city, namely: Interstate freeways, US Route highways, and State Routes. The first type of road is what we shall be discussing about first.

A rather important Interstate to the city and the metropolitan zone as a whole is Interstate 485, which loops around the city, allowing you to access much of the city as well as its neighboring suburbs with ease. The freeway also draws close to the airport serving the city, Charlotte Douglas International Airport. The Interstate intersects with the following roads, in a clockwise manner: Interstates 77, 85, Routes 29, 74, and 521, and State Routes 21, 49, 27, 51, 218, 160, and 16. This is a road you should consider when going to Charlotte, because you will cross paths with it one way or another, and it will allow you to go through much of the city.

Within the city, there is a small highway called Interstate 277, an auxiliary highway of Interstate 77. It is quite the important route if you want to go to areas in Charlotte’s city center. It is a 4.41 miles long partial loop around Charlotte center city.

Then there’s Interstate 77, its originator route. Coming from the south, from South Carolina, it passes through the neighborhoods of Windsong Trails, Montclaire South, Yorkmont, Collingwood, Clanton Park – Roseland, Southside Park, Brookhill, Revolution Park, Westover Hills, Wilmore, Wesley Heights, Genesis Park, Double Oaks, Lincoln Heights, J.T. Williams, Wilson Heights, and Hamilton Circle. The freeway forms interchanges with, from south to north: State Route 49, US Route 74, State Route 16, Interstate 85, US Route 21, State Route 24, and Interstate 485. The road cuts the city in half, and allows you to go to a lot of places in between.

Then there’s Interstate 85, which also goes near the airport. Coming from the west, the freeway crosses through much of the northern areas of the city of Charlotte. The road intersects, from a west to east manner, with: State Route 27, State Route 16, Interstate 77, State Route 24, and Interstate 485. It also has a connector road to US Route 29.

Let’s talk about US Routes, first of which being US Route 74. The route comes from the southeast, it passes through the city’s center areas. It intersects and forms a concurrency with State Route 27, as well as forming a concurrency with I-277. There’s also US Route 29, coming from the northeast. The road intersects, from a north-south manner, with Interstate 485, State Route 24, Interstate 277, Interstate 77, and US Route 74, which it forms a concurrency with. The route splits from Route 74, but merges with Interstate 85. The route becomes independent from Interstate 85, near the town of Grover, near the North-South Carolina border.

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